Funahashi Times No.96

Flea Market in Orange Park

We had a Flea Market Day on the first Sunday of November in Orange Park. Many people from the village and other nearby towns came to look for cheap and good items. There were also performances and food stalls. I arrived early just to watch the school brass band’s performance. After that, I had my breakfast there. I ate ramen and drank coffee. I also tried other dishes like Thai soup and hamburger steak in tomato sauce. Many of my students were in the park, too. We enjoyed walking around and looking at interesting items together. In the afternoon, as the event was about to close, many items became even cheaper. So, I bought two shirts and two pairs of indoor pants. I was so happy because I got them all for only 400 Yen. I wanted to buy more, but I didn’t bring enough money. Maybe next year, I’ll save more money to buy more at the flea market.


You look so happy. I also went there 2 years ago.

I enjoyed eating lunch and looking at items like you. There were a lot of good things.

I couldn’t go there this year, but I want to go there with my friends next year.